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Monday, 8 August 2016

Slimani Saga

Despite the Olympic Games under way, the vultures remain very alert to every piece of “news”. We love me a bit of Slimani scandal, don’t we?
Here is the story for whoever missed it. He trained on Monday morning and was then authorized to miss the afternoon session by Jesus for personal motives. With the recent speculations about his alleged wish to exit the club, those who would love to see him out are enflaming the situation.

A BOLA: “Slimani refused to train at the Alcochete Academy. The striker tries to compel Sporting to let go of him.”

O JOGO: “Slimani puts his foot down and misses the afternoon’s training session”
They add that he allegedly tried to speak to Jesus by the end of the morning and that the manager did not attend, thus Slimani didn’t show up for the afternoon training.

First of all, let’s recall that he cannot play against Marítimo, so it would make perfect sense to be allowed to miss half the training.

Secondly, I have no problem imagining that he would like to earn more money, to play in a more competitive league... If the Everton 20 million offer is true, Sporting’s president is doing great to not give in and demand the full buy-out clause of 30 million. Surely, with all the silly money transfers we’ve seen this summer, it’s only right to sell a great key player (under contract until 2020) for the right price.

This won’t be the last we hear about the Slimani Saga, with just about 3 weeks left before the transfer window closes. In the meantime, just remember it’s 30 million euros, not a Cent less.

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  1. Furthermore, Slimani trained this morning at 8am, how quick is it to end a silly rumour? :)